The Modern Story of Wonder Woman

The Modern Story of Wonder Woman

William Moulton Marston wanted to create a superhero who fought with wits and wisdom rather than fists and brawn. His wife Elizabeth suggested it was a wonderful idea as long as he made her a woman. Credited as Charles Moulton, Marston created one of the most iconic women in fictional history.

In 2001, The Justice League, an animated show that grew out of the success of Batman The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series, made its debut. Featuring a lineup of seven heroes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl and The Martian Manhunter, the show ran for two seasons and was later replaced by Justice League Unlimited. Justice League Unlimited ran for three seasons and featured the original seven heroes alongside dozens of other characters from the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman was voiced by Susan Eisenberg in all five seasons. The modern version of Wonder Woman was more of a warrior than her previous television incarnations, occasionally wielding a sword and often expressing her frustration with the “man’s world” with her fists. She had an ability not seen in previous television appearances, as she could fly on her own. She still used her invisible jet, though.

There was an inferred but never seen relationship with Batman who was an exclusive element of the Justice League animated series. It probably never would have worked since, as Batman says, “You are a princess of a society of immortal warriors, I am a rich kid with problems. Many problems.”

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