The Beatles’ Most Popular Songs

The Beatles' Most Popular Songs

While the Beatles have a formidable 29 hit singles on the current list of Pop Culture Madness’s most requested songs, many of the Beatles’ most popular songs date back to 1964.

It was February 7, 1964 when the four Beatles landed in New York to launch their first US tour and one that officially launched Beatlemania globally.

Before that, the Fab Four had UK chart hits like I Want To Hold Your Hand and Please Please Me, but little to no air play outside the UK.

Beatles’ first royalty deal

According to the Beatles discography, the Beatles’ first recording contract in 1962 paid band members a penny royalty per single record sold (divided into four parts between John, Paul, George and Ringo). For sales outside the UK, that fee was half that.

Of course, the Beatles would later earn much higher fees. Still, some analysts claim that the Liverpool lads were more prolific in their early days, when they focused on their passions for creative music and songwriting, than after they became huge commercial successes.

Most Requested Beatles Hit Songs of 1964

Thirteen of the best Beatles singles are from 1964, accounting for about 45% of the Fab Four’s most popular and enduring songs.

  • Twist and Shout … Number 1 Most Requested Hit Single
  • I saw her standing there… Number 3
  • I want to hold your hand… Number 10
  • One Hard Night … Number 13
  • I feel good … Number 15
  • Love Me Do… Number 17
  • She loves you… Number 20
  • Please please please me… Number 44
  • All my love… Number 46
  • If I fell… Number 55
  • I should have known better… Number 61
  • I’m happy just dancing with you… Number 71
  • She loves you… Number 75.

Phil Medley and Bert Burns originally wrote the Beatles’ highest-charting song, Twist and Shout, for the Isely brothers, who had a top 20 hit with the song in 1962. The dynamic songwriting duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote them all the other songs on the album. list above.

Most Requested Beatles Singles from 1965 to 1970

In contrast to their 13 hits in 1964, the Beatles have 2 most requested singles from 1965 and 3 from 1966 – the last year the Liverpool lads toured together. George Harrison’s soulful ballad Something is the only song listed below not written by Lennon and McCartney.

  • All You Need Is Love – Number 4 from 1967
  • Hey Jude – Number 7 from 1968
  • Yellow Submarine – Number 8 from 1966
  • Help! – Number 1 from 1965
  • Something (George Harrison) – Number 9, 1969
  • Eleanor Rigby – Number 15, 1969
  • Come Together – Number 17 from 1969
  • Strawberry Fields Forever – Number 19 from 1967
  • Lady Madonna – Number 19 from 1968
  • Brochure Writer – Number 20, 1966
  • Let It Be – Number 20 from 1970
  • Penny Lane – Number 24 from 1967
  • Hello Goodbye – Number 28 from 1967
  • Get Back – Number 39 from 1969
  • Yesterday – Number 44 of 1965
  • Baby You’re a Rich Man – Number 64 from 1967.

The Beatles have 5 songs on the list from 1967, the same year their founding manager, Brian Epstein, died. Internal disputes followed and external interference that tarnished the group’s creativity.

After 2 more hits in 1968, three in 1969 and the final Let It Be in 1970, Paul McCartney publicly announced the band’s split on 10 April 1970. Paul then filed suit against John, George and Ringo on 31 April 1970. December 1970.

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