Suspicious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole

Suspicious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole

Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith led troubled lives in the fast lane that included men, parties, alcohol and drugs. But were their deaths the result of suicide, accidental overdose, or murder?

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s childhood was one of abuse and neglect. Her mother, Gladys Baker, was emotionally unstable and left her with foster parents. Marilyn suffered lifelong self-esteem issues. But she was also a survivor with a will to win. She became known as a sex symbol whose films included Bus Stop, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch.

The death of Marilyn Monroe

Shortly after midnight on August 6, 1962, Marilyn was discovered unconscious in her home, lying naked, face down on her bed, an empty bottle of sleeping pills nearby and more on her bedside table. The official verdict was that she died of an intentional overdose.

Was his death a conspiracy and a hidden homicide?

There were reasons, however, to question this verdict. Phone records and other evidence disappeared. There were rumors that she and President John Kennedy were having an affair, which he intended to break up. She may have learned secrets that she threatened to expose. She may also have had a relationship with Robert Kennedy. There were even rumors that the Mafia might have silenced her. Whether her death was murder and a cover-up or suicide will never be known.

anna nicole

Anna Nicole Smith was born Vickie Lynn Hogan in Texas. She rose to fame after posing for Playboy in 1993. She had modeling contracts and starred in a reality show about her life. Stout, busty Anna Nicole was slated to become “the next Marilyn Monore,” but all she ended up sharing was her untimely death.

Anna Nicole’s Death

On February 8, 2007, Anna Nicole was found unresponsive in her Hollywood, Florida hotel room. CPR was attempted while the front desk called 911. Smith was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. She died from a combination of drugs and sleeping pills.

Was his death suicide or murder?

Like Marilyn Monroe, Smith had many enemies. Her marriage to oil tycoon Howard Marshall, 89, created a scandal that she had married him for money. Years after her death, a long court battle still rages between Anna Nicole and Marshall’s relatives over her $1.6 billion estate.

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