Pat Metheny – Art by the trio

Pat Metheny – Art by the trio

There is something magical about Pat Metheny. For more than 30 years of musical career, he managed to achieve success in almost all his musical activities. With each new album, Metheny has pushed the boundaries of modern improvisation, proving himself to be one of the most original, talented and innovative musicians of our time.

From his regular Pat Metheny Group to soundtracks to major motion pictures, solo albums, duets with great artists such as Charlie Haden and Jim Hall, and collaborations with other leading jazz musicians such as Ornette Coleman, Steve Reich and many others, Metheny always seems to produce music. new and fresh.

the art of the trio

Metheny debuted as a trio leader and recording artist at the same time in 1976 with his album “Bright Size Life”. Recorded with fusion pioneer and bass prodigy Jaco Pastorious and drummer Bob Moses, the album completely redefined modern jazz and almost overnight became the most revered recording in the history of this beautiful music.

His two subsequent trio recordings, Rejoicing with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins and Questions and Answer with Dave Holland and Ron Heyes further established Metheny as a musician eager to break down barriers and find new avenues for modern improvisation.

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