Guitar Debate – Acoustic vs. Electric

Guitar Debate – Acoustic vs.  Electric

There is not much difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. Looking at them, they, for the most part, look very similar. They have the same basic components, similar shapes, and appear to be interchangeable. Despite this, there are often debates about which type of guitar is best for learning. Most of the time it seems that acoustics win the debate.

The difference between acoustic and electric

Acoustic and electric guitars are set up and played in generally the same way. Guitars typically have heavier strings; which means it takes a little more pressure to play them. Electric guitars, therefore, have lighter strings, making them play a little easier.

Acoustic guitars can be used for different things, but the main thing is to play rhythm. Rhythm means that a fingering pattern is used when playing chords. Electric guitars, on the other hand, are a little more versatile. They can be used to play rhythm, but they can also be used to play lead or solo parts in songs. Electric guitars are also often wired through some kind of processor that allows them to produce a range of sounds from clean to distorted.

Benefits of Learning Acoustics First

Many guitar instructors recommend that a person learn to play the guitar first. The reasoning behind this is that if guitar is learned first, it is very simple to transition to electric. On the other hand, if electrics are learned first, it becomes a little more difficult to transition to acoustics.

Part of this theory is due to the pressure required to play an acoustic. It’s easier to get used to putting a lot of pressure on the strings in the first place rather than having to learn it later. Another reason is that playing chords on acoustic is a bit more difficult than playing them on electric. Electric guitarists use many so-called power chords or cheat chords. These types of chords use fewer fingers than standard chords played acoustically.

don’t miss the fun

Keep in mind that both guitar types are very similar in the way they are played. If the guitar is something that sounds really appealing, remember that there’s fun waiting, whether it’s an acoustic guitar or an electric one.

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