Basics of Rugby Union

Basics of Rugby Union

Rugby Union is a fifteen sided full contact sport.

The team is divided into two divisions.

The back and forwards.

The back in Rugby Union

  • 15 quarterback
  • 14 ward
  • 13 center
  • 12 center
  • 11 ward
  • 10 fly half
  • 9 Half Scrum

Strikers in Rugby Union

  • 1 support
  • 2 prostitute
  • 3 props
  • 4 second line
  • 5 second line
  • 6 flankers
  • 8 no 8
  • 7 flank

The Object of Attack in Rugby Union

The object of the game is to get the ball over the opponent’s try line. This scores five points and earns a chance to ‘convert’ the try with an unopposed shot on goal for two more points. The ball must pass between the goal posts and over the crossbar.

Three points can be awarded for a converted penalty goal or for a ‘drop goal’ that is scored during open play by dropping the ball and kicking it off the ground.

The ball can be moved towards the opponents’ try line by running forward with the ball, avoiding or clearing defenders. The ball may be passed to a teammate, but the pass must travel behind the ball carrier. The ball can also be thrown onto the field by any player at any time to gain position on the field.

The Object of Defense in Rugby Union

Defense has been described as “the only thing you can do when you don’t have the ball”. It is the function of the defense to prevent the attacking team from gaining field position or scoring goals. This is done through a tackle. Only the ball carrier can be tackled. He can be approached by any number of defenders. Once the tackled player is tackled to the ground, the tackle is considered complete and he must release the ball. The first player in the tackle box can then try to catch the ball. The game will continue without the need to restart.

a simple game

Rugby is often described as a simple game, and in principle it is, but the myriad of laws – over 80 for the restart just on a line-out – can make it one of the most complicated games for a new spectator to initially access. . It’s a little esoteric in its appeal, but it’s the most exciting sport in the world. The union game encompasses nearly every sport ever played. Players must be able to kick a ball, catch it, throw it accurately, run, jump and grapple, and all of this must be done at speed with skill and power.

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